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Aardien is an extra-terrestrial life formerly known as Diens. An intelligent and primitive being of their galaxy. They found out something that could help their species but their journey took an unfortunate turn and they end up goingt to a deeo limbo.

story line

A million light years ago, there was a civilisation known as Diens that used to live on a planet called Gliese-876. Th ey were an advanced being in their galaxy until one day one of their head researchers figured out that their planet wil l no longer be habitable for them to live on. Diens will cease to exist if they don't find a new planet soon.


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 DeAardiens Price

The pricing of our collection is listed in a way that the new buyers and those who have been in the NFT game for a long time will benefit from. Our Team has decided to price our NFTS @---SOL   which after careful consideration has been listed. The main goal of our project is to teach the newbies of the NFT space what this game is all about and to keep it simple we are getting the best minds to kick it up a notch. Stick with us to find out what we got for the community.